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Investment Process

_Typically, the investment process runs over a period of maximal three to four months with the following steps:

_Along with an investment request we expect a brief business plan or an executive summary to judge whether the company fits within the investment focus of AdAstra. If this is the case, we will ask the company to submit a detailed business plan. Generally, we are prepared to sign the enclosed confidentiality agreement.

_During intense discussions with the management we evaluate the business model and company strategy. Together with existing shareholders we develop a potential participation model including valuation and participation structure.

_After submitting the term sheet / LOI we will be granted exclusivity for a defined period of time and will perform the due diligence (business, financial, tax, technical, legal, etc.). In case of a positive outcome the participation agreement will be finalized. The investment decision-making body of AdAstra is its management team.

_During the contractual implementation we sign the purchase and participation agreements. At the same time the partnership and syndicate agreements are amended to provide for e.g. supervisory or advisory board seats for AdAstra. Finally, the reporting to Adastra is defined.

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